Best Hotel in Pauri Garhwal


best hotel in pauri garhwal


Best hotel in Pauri Garhwal

Pauri Garhwal is a place to explore wilderness of nature. And a stay in one of the best hotel in Pauri Garhwal is a delight for the visitors. Pauri Garhwal is having numerous options to explore from religious to offbeat and every season is like the season to make visits here. Nature lovers most welcome to this place where during the month of the monsoon a person can see greenery all around. Pauri Garhwal comes under the places which are full of greenery and has lots of things to do on every visit. Pauri Garhwal is situated in the rich state of India’s Uttrakhand where you can find the Garhwali people mostly and have a culture of it. Apart from the places it has its famous chutney and Kwadu chapatti for food which is the local food of Pauri Garhwal. During monsoons also it has weather like winters all around with the awesome smell of greenery. Not just this, but Pauri is also having numerous religious places to visit.

Best places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

best places to visit in pauri

There are numerous best places to visit in Pauri offering great views. Main Pauri is known to be an amazing place as it offers great views for eyes and has markets where one can shop for their close ones. Apart from only these there following things to do in Pauri:

Khirsu – It is situated at a height of 1700 meters above the sea level, it’s a kind of hamlet you can say surrounded by the Oak and Deodar trees all around. This place is best for watching some panoramic views of enchanted Himalayas peaks and cliffs.

Kandolia – Kandolia Devta temple is one of the famous attractions in Pauri located close to Pauri and is a must visit destination to explore.

The Chaukhamba Viewpoint – this location is mostly visited by people for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque scenery as it offers delighted view of Himalayan peaks and glaciers. Following the nature it is surrounded by the Oak and Rhododendron trees.

Kyunkaleshwar Mahadev – This ancient temple is in the name of deity Mahadev and is having an idol of Nandi and Shiva in it long with a drum. It has a story that it was built by the Adi Shankarancharya onto his visit to this town.

Adwani – This location is very much perfect for the picnic and it is located 17 kms from the Pauri.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are many other temples to make a visit which can give some great deal of experiences and high mountains which are suitable for the trekking and hiking activities. Visiting Almora also for the many other activities is a good option.

Best time to visit Pauri Garhwal

best time to visit pauri garhwal

As it’s a hill station and a holiday destination weather seems to be pleasant here always. Other than this weather change for few months like many times during monsoon plans can be affected because of the rainfall.

Summers – Summers are the best time to visit Pauri Garhwal as the temperature remains somewhere around 29 degrees and you can enjoy many activities when there are cities burning with heat.

Winters – Winters are always pleasant and even then are Himalayas capped with snow. Everything is so perfect on Himalayas during the winters and not just the activities, but the attractions and nature views become a point of interest.

Monsoon – This is a time when it might happen that the plan could get cancelled because of the blocked roads, but still if you are there for a rejuvenation then you can stay there in the best hotel in Pauri Garhwal and rejuvenate yourself with the blissful views.

Where to stay in Pauri Garhwal

where to stay in pauri garhwal

There are numerous best hotel in Pauri Garhwal but we still suggest you to hunt for the best hotel in Pauri Garhwal. As per our recommendations the Kasaar jungle resort situated right near the Kasaar Devi temple and has like all the urban facilities with the spacious rooms and 24 hour running water. So you can even gain knowledge about this place with the resort itself and have the best stay here. Kasaar jungle resort is counted among the top best hotel in Pauri Garhwal as it provides all the facilities with the luxury. You are definitely going to have the best vacations here.

How to reach Pauri Garhwal

The most convenient way to reach Pauri Gharwal by the airport for the comfortable travel.

By Air – There is no airport in Almora or Pauri Garhwal so you can directly go to the Dehradun and from there travel by the way of road in cab.

By Train – Trains are available till Kathgoram and from there Almora is 35 km so this is another way of saving money.

By Road –  There are buses directly connected to the Almora and Pauri Garhwal from all the major cities.