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Binsar is beautiful place with amazing views of nature and pleasant surroundings throughout the year. It is located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand state and has Himalayan peaks to offer from a zero point. It is also a place for bird watchers and has a Binsar Sanctuary for visitors. A wilderness Stay in Binsar hotels, all together this place comes with a great combo with the inclusions of fun, nature and adventure together. It is also said to not to miss the Nanda Dev festival held every year in Binsar where the whole knits together for the cultural celebration and celebrates their festivity. It is mostly the time for visitors but mainly the best time here is from April to June and again September to November. There many other adventure activities here other than visiting the temples.

Best things to do in Binsar

There are lots of places to visit in Binsar and adventure activities to do at binsar. Best time to visit Binsar is when it is raining and temperature shuts down to chilling.  Hiking and bird watching are among the best thing to do in Binsar.

things to do in binsar

Hiking – Binsar is at an elevation of 2400 mteres above and offers myriad walks to secluded places. Hike to zero point, which offers 300 degree view of the snow clad mountains is definitely a worth your time.

Bird Watching – With over 200 kinds of species of birds Binsar sanctuary is a must visit to bird watchers offering great views of nature and birds.

Heritage Tour – If you wish to have a heritage tour then binsar is best place which consists of many religious places and temples which were built in the early times.

These were the main reasons to visit Binsar but apart from these there are several things to visit and watch. Also, nature views are already added to your bucket list of Binsar.

Best time to visit Binsar

The best time to visit Binsar is mainly during the summers when its heating in the cities and everyone needs some kind of relief from it. For that it is great to visit Binsar and Almora for the exciting tour and trying hands on the best activities.


best hotels in binsar

Summers – During the months of summer it is best to visit the Binsar as it is having a great atmosphere all around and you can find flowing rivers and snow capped mountains.

Monsoon – At this time of the year,  not everybody is sure of the weather. Binsar might not give you the best views of life but yes if it’s raining little then you can surely find some relief there.  Also the land is full of greenery during this time.

Winters – Winters are very much freezing here as the temperature is down and snow fall is also noticed sometimes. Enjoying this weather is also a best thing to do here.

Where to stay in Binsar 

binsar hotels

Binsar is also has many resorts to stay just like any other hill station and has numerous options but all Binsar hotels are not good enough. You need to hunt for the best Binsar Hotels where you can give enjoy wilderness and personalized experience. For the ones who are always in search of Opulence the Kasaar Jungle Resort can be considered as the best since they offer the perfect facilities and all in full luxury. Kasaar Jungle Resort is best situated near the binsar giving some real luxury goals to visitors. After returning from the adventure activities the stay at kasaar jungle resort will energize you for the further jungle excursions.

How to reach Binsar 

Just like most of the cities in Uttrakhand, Binsar is also not having any such developed facilities. If you are flying through air then you must get down at the Dehradun and from there you can take the roadways.

how to reach binsar

By Air – As told above this is the best way to be considered for reaching the Binsar by the way of Dehradun. No other airport is accessible to reach Binsar.

By Road – Daily many buses are available for the Binsar from every city and it is possible to reach it from anywhere by the way of roads.

By Train – It is also a better option and is much cheaper and affordable but time consuming. You can get down to the nearest station and from there take the roadways.