Camp Rapidfire

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No television, no blaring music, no bright lights … seem dull? Wrong. It is one of the most exciting places you could visit. No wonder we call it  – The most scenic riverside camp at Rishikesh.

The place that I always dreamt of was this place : a river passing by the place I live, mountains around, bonfire and open sky, what more can anyone ask for. River rafting = Camp RapidFire for me.

Jahnavi Parmar

River Rafting Delight

Rishikesh is rightfully called the Mecca of white water rafting in India. It is here that the sport has seen its beginnings and is coming to maturity. The river Ganga has been host to many a great white water sportsmen from all over the world and it has not been without reason. The upper valley tributaries of the Ganga, the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi are reasonable expedition level rivers. They meet at Devprayag to form the Ganga which for the next 70 km to Rishikesh is another expedition in itself. The 35 km of the river from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh is the commercial white water hub of the country. With more than 50 riverside camps and over 150 river rafting outfitters, the sport of river rafting is growing by leaps and bounds in India by the passing years. But it is the section from Shivpuri to Rishikesh that sees the maximum number of river rafting enthusiasts every year.

About Camp Rapidfire

Camp RapidFire is situated on the banks of the mighty river Ganga. However as it passes by the camp, it is still the playful, impetuous child of the mountains, not the mature and steady giant of the plains.

Camp RapidFire is a river beach camp. Which means it is situated on a large tract of white sand on the river banks. Which of course means you can spend the day sunning yourself on the beach and fall asleep listening to the melodious lullaby of the river.

Of course this stretch of the river with its playful rapids and mischievous eddies is also one of the most popular white water rafting stretches in the country.

There is no electricity. We prefer it like that, and so do our clients. As the sun sets the kerosene lanterns dot the stretch of the camp, each one an island of warm cheer. Many of our clients prefer not to use even flashlights outside the tents. The stars, resplendent in their isolation from interfering city lights are usually bright enough to see by on a clear night.


White Water Rafting

White water rafting with Camp Rapidfire, Rishikesh

White water rafting with Camp Rapidfire, Rishikesh

You don’t have to be an ace swimmer to be able to experience the thrill of rafting. Especially when you have our well equipped, expert team of friendly instructors who considers it beyond them to leave anything to chance. And you get to experience the sheer power of Ganges in a true adventurer style. A two day rafting expedition at Rishikesh with us would cover about 36 km of the river and you come back all full of the thrills of rapids like The Wall, Golf Course, Roller Coaster (Grade IV+ rapids).

Elementary Rock Climbing and Rappelling

And we’ll also teach you how to beat lizards at making it to the top of a steep mountain, but of course in a more urbane manner. The technique is called rock climbing, where you learn to find your own niches and steadily climb your way to the top. You also get to learn how to land back on the surface and safely by rappelling, besides other exciting techniques as Bouldering and River Crossing.

Singthali Village hike

Experience a bit of Garhwali hospitality on your trek to this sleepy village and share a thing or two about different cultures and traditions. Or perhaps how their quiet life centers around this holy river. We promise by the end of your trip you wouldn’t even realize that it took you an hour to trek up to the village! Apart from the Singthali Village trek there are endless opportunities for walking in the surrounding hills. The close by village of Jhair, Talla and Malla Nand, Bander Chatti, Mahadev Chatti provide equally good opportunities to explore the hilly trails.

Body surfing /swimming

Take a dip in the river and let yourself afloat. The current is just right for even a novice to handle. Or try the sport of body surfing in the baby rapids. Even the non swimmers can try out the sport, of course with a life jacket on. While at the Camp RapidFire a life guard is always available to help you try out body surfing and for large groups a Kayak is always kept handy for rescue purposes for those who do not want to be tied to a rope to try it out.

Camp Games

For the sports freak, there’s enough to keep the energies charged. Take your pick from Volleyball, Badminton, Carom, Dart and Chess. Or perhaps, simply laze on the hammock and let your thoughts drift with the sound of flowing river. Needless to mention that Beach Volley just about gets crowned as the king of all camp games available.


Evenings at the Camp

Loosen up in the evening with the hip swinging ‘n’ singing session, complete with bonfire at the camp beach. Or participate in one of the campfire games. And if there’s a musician in any of you, there’s always the option of carrying your instrument and creating your own ambience. Then there is always getting involved in Levitation, Knots and Boston Lap games to name a few of the campfire games.

Accommodation & Facilities


We provide for occupancy in 10 feet by 12 feet tented canvas accommodation units, which have a centre table and two beds with mattresses and sleeping bags. Each unit is weather proof with an outer fly and well ventilated with roll up windows. It is the most basic one could get down to for accommodation by hey no one ever spent a day living in a tent. At the most people end up spending only the nights in the tents or an odd evening siesta.

Dining Arrangements

The camp kitchen takes care of the meals in a buffet arrangement with a large spread. The meal pattern is generally vegetarian. Chinese and continental food is also served at the camp with prior information and request. Bottled water is procured for drinking and cooking purposes. Adequate supply of bottled drinking water is also maintained at the camp. An a la carte menu is available for those who do not want to eat from the buffet in general. All meals are served in the dining area.


Keeping up with the forest department guidelines we have dry pit toilets (sanitized by lime powder) at one end of the camp which also houses bathing tents and general wash area. People at the camp generally prefer to dip in at the river but hot water is also made available on request. .

Activities and the staff conducting them

All activity instructors are professionally equipped with the knowledge they impart to the guests. Most of our staff belongs to the mountains and knows the mountains well. Local staff is always hired at any campsite to become a part of the local economy somehow.

Medical Emergency

A basic first aid kit is maintained at the camp for general ailments, cuts and bruises and further medical help is available at Shivpuri or Rishikesh.

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By Road – Delhi – Ghaziabad – Merrut (Bypass) – Khatauli – Muzaffarnagar (Bypass) – Purkaji – Roorki – Haridwar – Rishikesh – (16 Kms) Shivpuri (Here is the first bridge on the river) – (this is the second bridge you cross) – Byasi (a small market area with row of dhabas & provisions shops on both sides of the road) – (Drive for 3 KMs from Byasi, you can actually follow your odometer from here, and on the your left, just when your meter shows that you are close to the end of 3 Kms, you will see two shops together one a STD PCO and another a small provisions shop, if you are attentive enough you will also see a Camp RapidFire board somewhere on your right as you arrive the Singthali Village) – Singthali Village, Camp RapidFire.

Train – Train connections to Haridwar options

  • The Dehradoon Shatabdi Express – Morning Departure from New Delhi Railway Station at 06.55 hrs. Arrival at Haridwar at 11.30 hrs. Leaves Haridwar Everyday at 18.00 hrs and arrives New Delhi Railway Station at 22.40 hrs. A fast and comfortable Train with two categories of seat pricing.
  • The Mussorie Express – Night Departure from Old Delhi Railway Station at 22.20 hrs. Arrival at Haridwar at 06.30 hrs next morning. Perfect to spend the night sleeping and travelling to your destination. Leaves Haridwar everyday around 22.30 hrs to arrive at Old Delhi Railway Station at 6.30 hrs the next morning.
  • The Dehradoon AC Special – Night Departure from New Delhi Railway Station at 23.30 hrs. Arrival at Haridwar at 04.30 hrs next morning. Leaves Haridwar at 10.00 hrs and reaches Delhi at 14.30 hrs.

Train timings are subject to change; please consult the Indian Railways website to get the exact timings for the train for your dates of travel.

Tariff Sheet – 2014-2015 (valid till 15 June 2015)

Package Price – per person







Rs. 3000.00

One night and two days





Rs. 5500.00

Two night and three days





Rs. 7750.00

Three nights and four days





Price Includes

  • Accommodation at the Camp RapidFire on twin share
  • All meals as mentioned in the plan, lunch is veg and dinners include non veg dishes
  • Rafting as mentioned
  • Camp games / activities like
    • Rock climbing
    • Rappelling
    • Bonfires
    • Beach volleyball
    • Body Surfing
  • AM / PM Tea / Coffee supplements with cookies
  • High Tea
  • Escorted Hikes and Walks around the camp
  • One Bottle of Water for the tents in the night

Price does not include

  • Any personal expenses like soft drinks, sodas, mineral water, tele calls
  • Any travel or transfer expenses or pre and post rafting transfers
  • Any insurance or medical costs
  • Any taxes and service charges – The same are levied at existing prescribed and prevailing govt policies
  • Any cost not explicitly covered in the list of inclusions

Kids Policy without Rafting Charges

Per Day Pricing

5-11 Yrs – Rs. 1250.00 per night (Without Extra Bed)

Maids and Helpers Policy (Without Rafting)

Maids and Helpers are provided accommodation in small dome tents in the camp staff residential area @ Rs. 950/- per day inclusive of food and accommodation.

*Special programs designed for School are available on request

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