Resorts in Rishikesh

Luxury Resorts in Rishikesh 

Rishikesh is the land of amazingness with its sprawling natural beauty all over with a combo for both religious and adventurous visitors. With a vast choice among resorts in Rishikesh makes visitors undoubtedly to think and compare the prices everywhere. If we see to this everyone wants a place where they can experience all urban facilities with good infrastructure.


resorts in rishikesh


Rishikesh is rich in natural beauty and all fascinating views. High mountains and the fast flowing river Ganga are the most agreeable points for visitors. Where most of the people visit Rishikesh to the much publicized temples, many young hearts are here for the offbeat camping, angling, rafting and other adventure activities. Most of the urban crowd is turning to this famous point every season as throughout the year it can give numerous reasons to visit it. When during summers angling and rafting works the best, winters calls for attention to the visit of national parks, yoga lessons with a cold breeze and other rejuvenating activity.

Every way this place seems to be much more alluring to all kinds of visitors.


Things to do in Rishikesh

Rishikesh offers you numerous things to do both during the summers and the winters. Summers is considered to be the best time to visit Rishikesh when it is having the active crowd and all activities going on. Other activities are mostly about adventure if you’re visiting during the summers and during winter activities are mostly about exploring and rejuvenating. Few of the adventure activities you must try your hands on are as follows:


things to do in rishkesh


River Rafting & Kayaking – Being the most tempting things to do in Rishikesh most of the crowd turning during the months of April and May prefers to go for rafting. Kayaking is also considered as one of the favorite adventure activities for the adventure lovers.

Camping – This is like if you’re into rafting, then you’ll surely be camping also. Camps are organized near the river Ganga side in Rishikesh and it is mainly for the crowd looking for the best rejuvenations. The kind of relaxation you’ll find here will be nowhere else.

Bunjee Jumping – People who are bitten by the adventure bug loves bungee jumping as this free fall can’t be compared to any other adventure. It also helps in socially maintaining the mindset of letting go things when you see yourself turning down from such a height, but no doubt it is the best thing to try hands on.

Trekking & Rappling – Trekking is just better in every way as you don’t face any danger and you get a chance to explore the native villages and their lifestyles. Rappelling is somewhat enjoyable, but cannot be considered as free from danger. It’s just that you climb a cliff, but with a rope. All it gives you is fun and frolic with lots of knowledge of the nature.


Best time to visit Rishikesh

The temperature during the months of summers remains very high with humidity during the monsoon and high rainfall. Basically the months of monsoon don’t call for any visit, but summers and winters are amazing. Rishikesh hardly receives any snowfall, but has a good weather during winters and its actually chilling when its December.


weather in rishikesh


Summers – Summers are hot here with 40 degrees of temperature, but the best things comes when you enjoy the entire water sports and other activities which are like so much of fun.

Winters – Winters are very much pleasant in Rishikesh with the cold breeze and high mounts all around. Water flow of river Ganga is usually stopped during this time but still in large areas one can see light water flow Rishikesh calls for many attraction points during winters when crowd is much lesser.

Monsoon – This time the water flow is high because of the heavy rainfall. So in a few of the areas where mountains are its good but not for the place where a river flows as it might cause some problem.


Where to stay in Rishikesh

where to stay in rishikesh


Resorts in Rishikesh are several in different locations all around, but finding the most suitable is recommended. We recommend the offbeat camps near the River Ganga namely, Banyan by Ganges. This location is amazing for every kind of visitor as it gives the best untouched nature, with all adventure activities arranged at one point near the camp. Among all those resorts in Rishikesh, Banyan by the Ganges is counted as the best because of its all the way of the best facilities and equipments in one place. Resorts in Rishikesh are common but a modern way of camping which is no less than a resort can be called the Banyan By The Ganges.


How to reach Rishikesh

You can reach Rishikesh by all three means of transport. Best way can be considered the way of air as it would hardly take 3 hours to drop you in Dehradun and from there a person can take cabs.

By Road – By road the distance is difference from every location. For few it is close like the people dwelling in Dehradun can say it is very close to them. Apart from them from Delhi it will take somewhere around 5 hours to Rishikesh and  direct buses are available for it. Mumbai and other cities are also having connectivity.

By Train – By train there are locations near the Rishikesh. After getting down to the station cabs and other road transports are available to reach Rishikesh.