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Indian culture cannot be described without mentioning the people of India irrespective of religion, belief and cast along with their participation in numerous fairs and festivals, customs, religious congregation. The culture of each region too takes its own distinct colour as you traverse across it. The dressing attire, the headgear, the architecture, the food, the language, the festivals – everything changes as we move from region to region. Sometimes we are left wondering on how different things can get by just crossing over a high pass.

Walk around villages, stay and eat with local families, visit centuries old monasteries and Dzongs, most of them clinging to mountain sides and cliffs, and on some trips you could be attending festivals with mask dances, folk songs and prayer ceremonies. Visit holy glacial lakes and drive around mountain country interacting with simple mountain folk as you soak in the rich cultural experience of the place.

A local language goes a long way. It turns a good holiday into a truly memorable one. We choose our people with a deep connection with special places – people who live and work in the destination and who have fallen in love with it.

So travelling with them is not just a brief stay somewhere, it’s a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture and the environment. It’s like really living somewhere and enjoying the peace and quiet or the place and excitement of the place as much as the people who live there do.

Let us help you create the ideal private escorted tour of the Indian Himalaya.  We promote culture tours to individuals, couples, families, friends and small private groups.

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Ladakh Cultural Holiday


Ladakh or “Little Tibet” as it is known is one of the most remote areas of India, lying to the north of the Great Himalaya on the Tibetan Plateau and to the south of the Karakorams. It remained isolated for centuries to the outside world due to its inaccessibility, and the strategic position it occupies in the northern frontier. Ladakh has a rich cultural and religious heritage as can be seen from the centuries old monasteries, some of them built on sheer cliffs and still functioning actively. In this cultural odyssey, we travel through the ancient kingdom of Ladakh, soaking in the beauty of its captivating landscape, visiting monasteries, villages, palaces and humble homes, meeting people from all walks of life and understanding their way of life and culture; a journey that will truly make you want to return – such is the mesmerizing effect of the hospitable people in this enchanting Buddhist land called Ladakh.

Duration – 12 Days
Grade – Easy
Season – May – September

Trip Highlights
  • Spectacular landscape and scenery
  • Ancient monasteries and villages
  • High passes with excellent views
  • Cultural interaction
  • Village Walks
  • White water rafting (optional)

Garhwal & Kumaon Himalayas


The Himalayas have forever been a place for transformation and spiritual refuge. Sages and yogis alike have gone there to practice tapasya (austerities) to attain realisation of the Self, and surrender the concept of “I”.

This exciting tour showcases the very best of Himalaya. The hills of Garhwal/ Kumaon in Uttarakhand State offer unique opportunities for adventure and spiritual tour, famous as the valley of Gods, The region abodes in a splendid combination of flora and fauna, rivers, and snow-capped mountains which are magnificent enough to infuse a spirit of adventure in very soul.

Duration – 13 Days
Grade – Easy
Season – October – June

Trip Highlights
  • Haridwar/Rishikesh (Holy town and the gateway to God and Yoga)
  • Village walks
  • Panoramic view of the Himalaya
  • Rafting on the Ganges (Seasonal)
  • Drive through the valleys
  • Jim Corbett National park

Himalayan Kingdoms – Nepal-Sikkim-Bhutan


Tucked in the East are the ancient Kingdom secluded high in the Himalayas with unique customs and people with deeply held beliefs.
We fly on to Nepal to explore the medieval and modern treasures of the Kathmandu Valley. Another breathtaking flight whisks us to the hidden Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan for five wonderful days, during which we climb to the incomparable Tiger’s Nest, get to know artisans, and soak up masterfully built dzongs. After experiencing these three mystical Himalayan kingdoms, we’ll appreciate anew why hero-explorers dreamed of reaching them all.

This unusual 16-day journey offers the chance to do just that—with a level of style and comfort completely foreign to those early adventurers.

Duration: 16 Days
Season: October – June

Trip Highlights
  • See landscapes that have inspired epic adventures and travel tales
  • The world-famous Kathmandu Valley, and Bhutan’s inspiring dzongs
  • Visiting the Lepcha reserve in the Dzongu valley in Sikkim
  • Rumtek Monastery
  • Sunrise on Mt. Kanchenjunga Tiger Hill
  • Village walk
  • Cultural Interaction

The Last Frontier – North East India


Explore the very best of unseen North-East India. Encounter the ancient Apatani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Chill out in bamboo huts on Majuli Island, the world’s largest river island. Learn how tea is grown in Assam’s famous tea estates. Spot the Unicorn Rhino on elephant-back and other stunning wildlife in Kaziranga National Park. Rise above the Himalayan clouds to to visit Tawang, home to the world’s second largest Buddhist monastery. Round it all off with a spectacular helicopter ride along the Eastern Himalayas.

Duration: 15 Days
Season: Oct – April

Trip Highlights
  • Helicopter flight over Himalayas
  • Visit stunning Tawang monastery
  • Unique culture of Majuli Island
  • Encounter unseen tribes
  • Assam`s famous tea estates
  • Elephant-back safari in Kaziranga
  • Unicorn rhinos, tigers & birdlife

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