School Trips

school trips

Questrails is a specialist in school group adventures to some of the most captivating destinations. Our experience in organising school group adventures spans twelve years. We have especially designed programmes for schools wherein we promote the concept of soft adventure combined with learning activities. The outcome, a tour utilized for learning purposes.

The idea is also to promote areas that have no attractions like a metro hill station, but are blessed with abundance of nature in its untouched form. We are passionate about immersing young people in environments that offer unique experiences and which are bound to have profound, life changing effects.

But Questrails takes this a step further by involving students in a ‘hands on’ project that will help an underprivileged community leaving a positive and permanent benefit for the peoples of that community. Students will experience the joy of giving without the expectation of reward or reciprocation when they give their time and physical effort to those less fortunate.

Our adventures also teach students the important values of teamwork, building self-confidence, cultural understanding and an interest in natural environments.

They will experience the world beyond computers and shopping malls to where the power of an adventure experience is enjoyed in all of its components.

Questrails has its own permanent camps set up in pristine areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh . These are adventure based camps in the wilderness, away from regular ‘touristic’ places. Strategically located, they afford opportunity for a variety of activities and give the participants a close contact with nature and a true taste of adventure.

Itineraries designed also act as an educational supplement along with making it a great holiday.

Our basic Guidelines for school programmes

  • Focus on learning from and through nature.
  • Building confidence, team spirit and co-operation through group based soft adventure activities and games.
  • Firsthand experience of villages, environment awareness through syndicate group discussions, practical workshops, interaction with local schools and villagers and tree planting etc..
  • Fun activities and games specially designed for the schools.
  • Safety and security aspects like medical, qualification and experience of instructors, food, accommodation etc. are taken into care while designing the programmes.
  • Promotion of specialised programmes for schools like tribal tour, photography tour, wildlife research programme, village programme, environment programme, forestry management programme, rock climbing programme, mountain bicycling, valleys’ research programme.
  • Lessons by experts on tent pitching, jungle survival, first-aid, flora and fauna, forest and water management programme, ecological waste disposal.

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