Himachal Pradesh

Hima means snow in Sanskrit, and the literal meaning of the state’s name is In the lap of Himalayas.  Also said to be the fruit bowl of the country with orchards scattered all over the place, Himachal Pradesh is famous for its abundant natural beauty.

The Churdhar

himachal-ChurdharThe enchanting Churdhar mountain in Sirmaur is one of the Shivalik ranges at a height of 11965 feet (it is the highest peak in southern Himachal Pradesh), Churdhar, commonly known as Churichandni (Bangle of Snow), is blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes in this region. The view from the summit embraces a vast panorama of lowland tracts towards the south and snow-capped ranges, including the peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Garhwal region, towards the north.

Trip Duration: 5 Days

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Season: May/June

Grade: Easy

Minimum: 05 Participants

Trek to Chandratal Lake: Kunzum La – Chandratal Lake – Batal


This tour is a combination of overland safari and high altitude trek in Spiti. Starting in Manali, the drive is across the Rohtang pass into Spiti. Trek route is from Kunzum pass to Chandratal, finishing in Batal.

Trip Duration: 7 Days

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Minimum: 05 Participants

Take the high Road to Lahaul Spiti


This Jeep safari along the ancient Trans – Himalayan trade to obscure village and Monasteries is an exciting new adventure holiday that packs so much into two weeks. Start your journey from Delhi via Shimla, to a beautiful Sangla valley in the region known as Kinnaur. There is a startling change in the landscape as you enter the district of Spiti Valley. Spending one each night at Tabo, Kaza (head quarter of Spiti valley) & Losar include side trips to Dankar Gompa and the highest village of Kibber (4200 m). The people of Spiti valley have close affinities with Zanskar and Ladakh who are dedicated to the pre-Buddhist Bon religion. Driving out of the Spiti valley enter into Ladakh region.

Trip Duration: 10 Days

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Minimum: 05 Participants
Detailed Itinerary

Hampta Pass & Lahaul

An easily accessible trek ascending the verdant Hampta Valley and traversing the Pir Panjal Range to Lahaul.

You can be trekking within an hour of leaving your hotel in Manali. While the days are graded easy to moderate, at least three days should be spent acclimatising before crossing the Pir Panjal Range over the Hampta Pass.

The trek also provides an excellent opportunity to acclimatise and improve fitness before trekking over the Shingo La or Phiste La in Laddakh.

The trek leads through Sythen village and a number of Gaddi and Gujar encampments. It also affords fine views of the high peaks, including Deo Tibba (6001m), Indrasan (6221m) and Hanuman Tibba (5928m; on the far side of the Kullu Valley).

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Prini – Sythen & Pandooroopa (3-4 hours, 10 km)

Day 2: Pandooroopa – Chikha (3-4 hours, 10 km)

Day 3: Chikha to Valu Ka Ghare (3 Hours, 8 km)

Day 4: Valu Ka Ghare to Siliguri via Hampta Pass (7 hours, 15km)

Day 5: Siliguri – Chatru (3 hours, 10 km)

Day 6: Chatru – Manali (Road Drive – 5hrs)

Day 7: Manali – Delhi

Trip Duration: 5 Days

Distance: 53Kms

Season: May/June

Grade: Moderate

Start: Prini

Finish: Chatru

Nearest Town: Manali

Rupin Pass & Kinnaur

A remote trek from Uttaranchal to Himachal Pradesh, following trails through Hindu villages and across the snow-capped ridges of the Dhaula Dhar to the Sangla Valley.

The trek passes through Hindu villages, shepherd camps and alpine meadows in the Govind National Park before traversing the Rupin Pass and the Dhaula Dhar Range.

Views of the north of the Pass include the impressive peaks of the Kinnaur Kailash Range, while to the south endless verdant ridges stretch towards the Indian foothills.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Delhi followed by arrival assistance and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Delhi – Dehradoon – Netwar (Overnight)

Day 3: Netwar (Day for Acclimatization)

Day 4: Netwar – Sewa (5-6 Hrs, 17 km)

Day 5: Sewa – Jakhu (7 Hours, 20 km)

Day 6: Jakhu – Upper Rupin Valley Camp (5-6 Hours, 18km)

Day 7: Upper Rupin Valley Camp – Waterfall Camp( 3 Hours, 10 km)

Day 8: Waterfall Camp – Kanda via Rupin Pass (6 Hours, 18 km)

Day 9: Kanda – Sangla (3 Hours, 10km)

Day 10: Sangla – Shimla

Day 11: Shimla – Kalka – Delhi

Duration : 11 Days

Distance : 93 km

Difficulty : Moderate

Start : Netwar

Finish : Sangla

Nearest Town : Mussorie

Pin Parbati & Spiti

A spectacular traverse from the forests and verdant meadows of the Parbati Valley to the Buddhist villages in the Trans- Himalaya region of Spiti.

This is a fine trek for the well-prepared trekker following a rough and often ill-defined trail. Ascend the Parbati Valley to alpine meadows in the Great Himalaya National Park. Note that horses cannot cross the Pin Parbati Pass. Organise porters in Manali rather than Kaza.

Traversing the pass is difficult when it’s under snow. Later in the season beware of hidden crevasses. Beyond the pass there is a complete change of geography with the stark mountains cape of the Trans-Himalaya extending north towards the border of Tibet. There is also a change in culture from the Hindu villages of the Kullu Valley to the Buddhist villages of Spiti.

The construction of dam opposite the meadow at Thakur Khan is a concern. It would be an environment disaster if the project was to undermine the character of the upper Parbati Valley so close to the Great Himalaya National Park.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Delhi followed by arrival assistance and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Delhi – Manali (By Air)

Day 3: Manali – Manikaran 

Day 4: Pulga – Khir Ganga (4-5 hours, 12 km)

Day 5: Khir Gaga – Bhojtuda (5 hours, 12 km)

Day 6: Bhojtunda – Thakur Khan (4-5 hours, 11km)

Day 7: Thakur Khan – Mantalai (6-7 hours, 20km)

Day 8: Mantalai – High Camp (7 hours, 14 km)

Day 9: High Camp to Pin Valley Camp via Pin Parbati Pass (5 hours, 12 km)

Day 10: Pin Valley Camp to Mudh (8-9 hours, 20 km)

Day 11: Mudh – Sangam – Kaza (4-5 hours, 12 km)

Day 12: Kaza – Sangla

Day 13: Sangla – Shimla

Day 14: Shimla – Kalka – Delhi

Duration: 8 Days

Distance: 113 km

Difficulty: Demanding

Start: Pulga

Finish: Sangam

Nearest Town: Manali